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Lightshot is a screenshot taking tool used on all devices. If you are looking for an app that helps you take screens on your computer, then is right app for you. Soft is versatile in that it can be used on any device. It's easy to use with a simple interface, especially on a computer. App download Lightshot is a screen capture, editing application that is available for Android, iOS. It's a free app that is available download from Play Store, App Store. In order use this application, you need to have a free account as well as a browser extension installed for your browser of choice.


One of best features of Lightshot download free is its simplicity. Interface is very user-friendly and all you have to do is press and hold down arrow, then release take screen. It's very quick and efficient. You do not need to go through various steps and settings in order take screenshots. Offers a user-friendly interface with a minimalistic design. Left-side panel displays list of captures with the option to either delete or share a screen. Right-side panel displays a preview of capture and certain editing options. Screen is automatically uploaded to the cloud and the user is given opportunity to save it to their device as well. Software Lightshot free download has a simple interface that easy to use, navigate through. With only a few clicks, user can upload, share their screen to social media I.D. or their email account. Soft has a quick easy interface that is perfect for someone who needs share their screen quickly.


Product Lightshot is very easy to use and is very user-friendly. This is because there are no complicated steps to take screenshots. You can add text, annotations to your screens and upload to server. In order to use Lightshot Windows, you need to have a browser extension installed. In browser extension, you have option to take a screenshot and upload it to your account. Screenshot is then available for you to use in Lightshot app. When editing a screen, user can upload a new background, change the color of text, or add a border. They can do a few more edits to screen, such as rotating it or adding a shadow. Is an application that is easy to use and navigate through. User does not need to spend too much time trying to figure out where to go or what do with the screenshot.


This application offers some basic editing options, such as editing background color or adding a border. You can edit the text color or add a shadow to screenshot. There are more advanced editing options, such as rotating screenshot or adding a background. Application has a wide range of tools that allows user to edit their screenshot and upload it to their social media I.D. or to their email account. For example, user can add text to their screenshot, make it smaller or larger, crop it, add shapes and other embellishments. Application has a wide range of editing tools that allows user make their screenshot just way they want it.


Application Lightshot download for Windows is supported on both Android, iOS. It's available in Play Store, App Store. Software is available in many languages, including English, Turkish, Russian, Hindi. Company behind soft offers a wide range of support for their product. For example, company offers a help section on their website. Company offers a support email for any issues that user may have. Company has a wide range of support for Lightshot Mac that is very beneficial for user.


  • What is difference between free version and Premium?
    Free version is non-removable ads,Premium version does not have ads.
  • I am having trouble installing the app?
    Please install soft on your phone before installing it on your computer.
  • I tried to install software and it said that I couldn't install it because it is not compatible with my device?
    Some devices that do not have ARM-based architecture cannot install the application because it is not compatible with those devices.


Software install Lightshot is a screenshot capturing, editing soft that is available for Android, iOS. You can edit screenshots, such as changing background or adding a text. Product is additionally supported on both Android, iOS.

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